Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not For the Weak

Yikes Almighty! It was so difficult to choose what classes to take at the upcoming Art and Soul Retreat, to be held in Portland the end of September, beginning of October. But last weekend final decisions had to be made. We were staying with our daughter, Amy, and her family, as I made the final markings on my printed list of possible classes.

And then when the Art and Soul coordinators changed the registration date from March 1st to March 15th, I really went into tizzy because I had scheduled myself to teach a class that started at noon on the 15th! What to do? Recruit my wonderful husband and my daughter to do the dirty work (log on with the masses and register for classes at the strike of noon). They consented and before I left to teach my class, I coached my minions in the fine art of doing a speedy registration.

They had my lists, their written instructions, and SHAZAM! They were ready.

My crack team got all of my first choice classes!

And I'll share later what those choices were . . .


Bobbie said...

What will she learn to teach us? I'm excited!!

Destree said...

You are too cute in your jammies!!!