Monday, March 9, 2009

A Dilly of a Store . . . and Meet Lisa!

A very unassuming store front, Ye Olde Paint Box, bills itself as Collectables and More, is really filled with MORE. We discovered this little gem as we were driving through Longview, Washington on Friday afternoon. The store is located at 1203 California Way and Leanne Westerbur is the proprietor (she doesn't have a website at this time). Her store is the former location of a paint factory that her parents owned (and thus the creative name). We stumbled in, expecting to find a room or two of stuff. Well, there was stuff alright, but room upon room of stuff and most of it was at least 50% off. Yikes Almighty! I love a bargain, especially when I love the items on sale. Walk with me through the store . . .

Then, as we were about to leave, I discovered a door that said to keep it closed to keep the heat in. I asked Leanne if there was more stuff on the other side of the door and she gave a sly grin and said, "Oh, yes." It was a warehouse full of even more goodness!

And there, in the corner I saw her.

And of course, I had to have her.

Back home, I scattered some of my purchases around my studio. . . .

Today, when young Mister Emmett arrived, he was intrigued by my new doll. When I asked him what her name was, he didn't hesitate. Lisa. So please welcome Lisa to my dollhouse.


Anonymous said...

Could you post some funny pictures of Mommy and Emmett with Lisa?

gl. said...

oh, lisa is the start of something new, i think! sort of like toby was for me.

i imagine you starting a store like this someday. i love those roller skates. :)