Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy

Last night was our next to last gathering and we started our evening with a silent walking meditation around the block (well, it wasn't exactly silent because my current group of ladies don't follow my directions very well!). It was a lovely non-rainy evening and I snapped some photos along the way.

This first photo is of the back of our house shot from the neighbor's carport.

A neighbor's cute front porch.

The same neighbor's backyard.

Sights along the way . . .

This is a little house along our route that I am coveting. I have already named it the "Art Shack," but it isn't even for rent, much less for sale. Just a dream . . .

For our evening creative project, we embellished muslin Bendi dolls. First there was one, then three, then five!

Aren't they simply adorable! They so reflect the energy and creativity of my lovely group of Artist's Way women.

And Sinatra the Alley Art kitty, returned in full force!


Laura Warren said...


I love your Bendi dolls. Where did you get the idea and the dolls?


crafty capers said...

Hi there. I bumped into your blog because you bumped into mine. Glad I did too! Just seeing your pics makes me want to re-locate to your neighbourhood! Kate

Joanie Hoffman said...

Dayna! Are those your feet in the Crocs? Will you go to my blog and tell me why you have a picture if your feet on your blog? Please?
Happy days,

Joanie Hoffman said...

Thanks, Dayna, for responding.
Check back later for *more* deep & historically important questions!
Happy days,