Thursday, March 26, 2009


Finally. In the midst of being sick, I finally finished a batch of trades for Artfest. Artfest doesn't actually start until next week, but we're leaving in the morning for a road trip, meandering our way to Port Townsend and with a final destination of Fort Worden, the site of the art retreat. I wanted to be part of the trading frenzy, so I needed to get my trades together. I decided to make some more of the metal gauge magnets that I had made for Art and Soul last year because those that received them thought they were pretty cool. So I made another batch.

I'm also taking some fat book pages I had done for the Art and Soul swap last year and some sea-themed Inchies I made.

Finally, I've been wanting to play around with old Bingo cards for quite some time and I used the upcoming trades as an opportunity to put something together. So, using Bingo cards, old photographs, words, and a few embellishments, I have made a batch of my "Bingo Beauties."

Anybody wanna trade?


Anji Gallanos said...

Love em! Your going to have a blast in Port Townsend..hope to hear lots and lots.

Anonymous said...

i do. . i do. . .your fat book pages are beautiful ! I's love to trade with you. looks like we're both from oregon ! i'll be the one with the pink rolling tote :) See you in a couple days!

lk moonwood said...

Great trades, all of them! Loved reading about your Artist's Way group in the other posts,too!

Destree said...

The Bingo Beauties are awesome! Some of those pictures are really the you put the red clown nose on :0) Silly lady you are. LOVE it.