Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On my recent post about discovering and bringing Lisa home, my oldest grandson, Jackson, left a comment:

Could you post some funny pictures of Mommy and Emmett with Lisa? Love, Jackson

My response to Jackson? OF COURSE! And here they are . . .

Amy gave Lisa a sponge bath, took off her stained and ratty dress, and gave her a pair of her leggings.

When it was time for bed, Emmett said he wanted to sleep with Lisa, so he got her into his bed and adjusted her for sleep.

But amazingly enough, Lisa wasn't quite ready for bed. She slipped on a pair of glasses and asked if we had any art books she could look through!

Emmett got her calmed down . . .

. . . but decided he didn't want to sleep with her after all, so onto the love seat she went (she didn't have a temperature by the way, Amy was just soothing her to sleep).

And after a good night kiss, both Emmett and Lisa settled in for the night.

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Anonymous said...

That was quite the interesting blog entry...she is such the epitomy of any little girl...not caring how she sits, just letting everyone see up her skirt. I remember, at school, having to tell a few young ladies in the risers, as they were sittting down getting ready to perform, to put their knees together; lest they be totally mortified in the home movies...Lisa will be so much fun for your grandchildren as they grow! I love that sense of magic, playfulness, and creative imagination...good for you for being the creative guru grammy that you are! S.