Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Copic Markers - Oh My

I was invited by Lisa of Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem to participate in a Copic Marker training she was hosting at her store (she will be selling Copic Markers starting TODAY). The workshop was led by Marianne Walker, a "product specialist" with Copic Markers. I've heard of Copic Markers, even seen them for sale at fancy art stores, but I had no idea what the hubbub was all about. Well, now I know. They are fantastic little alcohol-based pens (hey, maybe that's why I liked them!).
If you want more information on the markers, you can check out the Copic website by clicking here. But if you want more information about how to use them, I say go to Marianne's blog , I Like Markers, for some awesome tutorials. Then get thee to a store and buy yourself some of the markers (sadly, they only come in 322 colors!).


Lisa Kaus said...

Hi Dayna,
Thanks for stopping by... Hope all is well.. The copics are fun- i have a few of them and they are so versatile...

Laura said...

Dear Dayna,

Wouldn't ya just know it, I wanted color number 323! Well, what did you learn? Tell me...tell me...tell me!


Bobbie said...

I can't wait until you have your first Copic Ink Class...sign me up!! See you Saturday!!!!