Friday, March 6, 2009

Trust the Process!

Last Thursday was the first session of our Visual Journaling Bonus Night (the class was to have been four sessions, ending a week ago, but the women staged a mini rebellion, asking if I would offer two more evenings of play . . .I consented). Joining in the fun were two additional women who have taken Visual Journaling classes with me in the past.

We started our evening with a writing exercise, which we then covered with paint and embellished with positive words and quotes.

Then the real fun began! Laura, a friend and a member of my Artist's Way Sacred Circle, had told me about a creativity-inspiring exercise called Abracadabra Collage Technique. The process is from Sally Jean Alexander's book, Pretty Little Things. The technique involves writing out about 20 techniques (each technique is written three times!) on pieces of paper (i.e., ink, drawing, paint, sand, smudge, magazine, texture, 3-D, pattern . . .) and then drawing one slip of paper at a time from a beautiful vessel. This process is repeated, randomly drawing a slip and then doing what the slip says. You have to work rather quickly to get through all of the slips of paper (we didn't quite get through all of them!), but we made a lovely mess and created some beautiful pages.

Thanks, Laura, for sharing this great exercise!

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Destree said...

This class was really fun...Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.

Won't be able to make this Thursday...Boo...hope you all have a great time!