Monday, March 16, 2009

Little Pieces of Art

Saturday was the third Itty Bitty Pretties class I have taught in the past two months (and it was sold out, too!). The class was held at the DIY Lounge, located in the rear studio of collage on Alberta. The women created some beautiful little masterpieces and it is my pleasure to share them here.

One woman wrote a cute comment about the class to her friend: That was the best class ever! I want to take it every time she has it. We did some pretty cool pieces - we are on our way to fame.

And then I must share a comment made by one of the women (and no names, here). When she took the class first time (yes, she signed up for the Saturday class again), she said that walking into the room and seeing the water bottles, the package of cookies, the set up for the class was orgasmic. Then she corrected herself and said it was post-orgasmic because it was even better than an orgasm! Now that's one satisfied artist!

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Lynda was right....we ARE ON OUR WAY TO FAME! It's funny how such an itty bitty square can end up holding a huge part of your heart.