Friday, September 17, 2010

Vaison la Romaine

On Thursday afternoon we drove through beautiful Provence countryside, known as the Cotes du Rhone (cotes means hillsides), to reach our destination: Vaison la Romaine. Our hotel, Hotel la Fete en Provence, was located on the edge of the medieval city and our room was up the stairs off of the little courtyard. Ooo la la (which, in French, translates to Oh My Gosh!).

After getting settled in our room, we set out on foot to explore the old part of the city. Ahhhhh, I think it was one of my favorite places as far as solitude and setting. There was even an old crumbling chateau above the city walls. (My apologies to my sister, Denise, who is printing a copy of my blog to share with my parents -- I've posted way too many photos of Vaison La Romaine, but can you blame me???)

The lower town was almost as much fun as the medieval city. It had a couple of Roman ruins as well as a park filled with modern art.

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