Saturday, September 11, 2010

Collioure on the Mediterranean Sea

We arrived in Collioure on Saturday afternoon. For two days. It's on the Mediterranean Sea. Fifteen miles from Spain. Within view of the Pyrennes Mountains. Oh my. Here's our initial view driving into town.

Our hotel, Hotel Princes de Catalogne.

The view from our window? A brocante (flea market) across the street!

My very first French brocante. I spent a whole 5 Euros!

Out and about in Collioure.

A few photos from my Doors of Collioure collection.

No blogging on Sunday. We'll be here . . .


stephanie brockway said...

Hey when you get a minute, pick me up one of those doors! the green one would do quite nicely; looks like your hiting your stride, I must say those coffee's look quite yummy, the view of a brocante is lovely. And your getting sunshine!All good.

Destree said...

Oh the coffees!!! You are really capturing the color and texture of your surroundings...seems so vibrant and multi-layered. I feel joy at reading your posts...

Anonymous said...

and I want that little boy....Tory