Friday, September 3, 2010

Open Toed Footwear NOT Permitted

It was playtime on Thursday when I got to hang out with Tory, Steph, and Tabor. After giving Tabor a tour of my studio, Tory had a trunk show, sharing her latest Santos creation (it's gonna be magnificent!).

We ate lunch at the wonderful Wild Pear in downtown Salem (yum yum Sweet Potato Fries).

We made a quick stop off at Mary Lou Zeek's Gallery (to see Tory's art work for sale there).

Then off we went to our destination: Burcham's Metals in Albany.


So, off to Goodwill we zoomed so the open-toed shoe people could pick up a pair of closed toe shoes. Success.

Finally we got to explore the junkyard bonanza! Tom, who is the Site Sales Coordinator at Burcham's, served as our guide and liaison - he was amazing. If you ever need anything, he's your man.

Next time we visit a metal junkyard we're bringing four things: Closed toe shoes, gloves, bolt cutters, and baby wipes. Just sayin' . . . .

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stephanie brockway said...

Your post was perfect, I'll just copy and paste the whole shebang on my blog! The shot of the gears is great how'd I miss that?, and the sign, I guess the no shoes added to the adventure!!lol