Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Market Day in Arles: Ooo La La!


Carole Kurth said...

Dayna, your photos are extraordinary! it's true-the light IS amazing. All these images I want to print out, and put into an altered book of my own. how on earth can a girl resist buying out the entire Market!? ps. howard looks fantastic! love, carole

Melissa said...

"It was fun seeing your blogpost today. And it was funny. I like the crazy head at the end. I like your pictures. The food looks tasty and delicious! It has been exciting to look at your pictures. I like when you went in the cave the other day. And I like the pictures of the graveyards." Third graders comments of your blogpost today.
We have some questions for you too:
"What is in the little present on the table with you while you are sipping your cafe o le?"
"What has been your favorite part of France so far?"
"How did you take the picture of Howard touching the top of the aquaduct?"
"What was Howard looking at through the telescope?"

Thanks for taking us on your adventure through France!

I love you (that's from your daughter) :)

Dayna Collins said...

Such fun to have you along on our trip to France! And very good questions. Here's our answers:

The little present is a pastry. They wrap their sweets in little boxes with paper and ribbon! It makes it very special (and oh so delicious).

At the aquaduct, it is very tall. In one of the pictures, Howard is pointing and not actually touching the aquaduct. But, we did climb a whole bunch of stairs so that we could get to the top. It was at the top that the water flowed back in 19 BC when they were using it to transport water. The middle layer of the structure is a bridge that is still used today to get across the Rhone River.

Howard was looking through the telescope when we were at a natural preserve. They had these little wooden buildings tucked in the bushes so the birds and wildlife wouldn't know that humans were watching. Howard was looking at some beautiful white egrets, a long-legged bird. We got to see one of the birds catch a large flying insect and watched it get swallowed whole while the wings were sitll flapping!

Our favorite part of France is a tough question. Howard says his favorite part so far is the prehistoric cave drawings. My favorite is the Market - so lively and full of so many choices: food, fruits, clothes, shoes. I also love taking photographs of old doors and windows. And we both just love wandering around the old parts of the cities.

Ask us any other questions you can think of and let us know if you want us to take photographs of anything in particular.

Howard and Dayna

Destree said...

The market is sooooo visually delicious! The spices...the meats...and my goodness I felt like I could taste the tomatoes! what a treat to see on a dreary grey Thursday morning.

Tory Brokenshire said...

The spices and east indian take away look wonderful. I love the doors and windows you have photographed, a book on their own.