Friday, September 17, 2010

Transition Day: Provence to the Riviera

After checking out of our hotel in Vaison la Romaine, we were lucky enough to drive back through the Cotes du Rhone and watch lots of activity in the harvesting of grapes.

While driving through the countryside of Provence, we came across a brocante (similar to an antique or second hand store). Howard screeched to a halt and we had great fun browsing (and buying a small stack of old French post cards).

As we transitioned from Provence to the Riviera, we got our first view of the Mediterranean in Antibes, which will be our home base for the next week as we explore Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and Villefranche-sur-Mer.

We rented an apartment in Antibes for the week we will be on the French Riviera. We met the owners today, Brenda and Matthew (Matthew is a first officer, which in England, means he is one step below a captain, and in France, he is called a second captain. Howard could have talked with him all afternoon!). Brenda and Matthew had their two children along with them, two-week old Mason, and 18-month old Chloe -- Chloe obviously took a liking to Grandpa Howard!

Our cute little homebase for the next week.

The view from our apartment patio:

After getting settled in, we returned our rental car and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening exploring Antibes on foot - we even left our camera at the apartment to make us light and portable. Oh dear . . .


PaintingEachDay said...

Bonjour Dayna and Howard,

I just read your blog from the moment you arrived in beautiful France. I look forward to reading your travels in beautiful Antibes and also the surrounding French Riviera.

I was the artist in residence in Antibes for the last three summers and, being back in PA, miss it very much.

Visit the artist of the Marché Provençal and please tell Ivo, Jean-Paul and Mary-line that Ann says 'bonjour'.

I lived in the incredible Villa Fontaine which is up the small hill from the 'Taverne Safranier'. - Nikos Kazantzakis lived there ...

So, enjoy the lovely French Riviera - my home of the future - and I look forward to stories and photos of the place I love best.

Bientot !


Paula McNamee said...

Bonjour, Dayna and Howard! Merci for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I just finished reading all of your posts. Your ventures bring back fond memories of several trips to France.