Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

We spent most of Sunday at the beach in Antibes just lazing and reading. Then, after getting enough sun for the day, we got cleaned up and headed out to find a little museum we had read about at the tourist information booth. The Le Musee De La Carte Postale, or The Postcard Museum was opened in 2000 and contains the personal collection of the owner (I didn't get his name). He gave us a personal tour and told us this was the only post card museum in the world. The museum has three distinct sections: the history of the post card in France, scenes depicting daily life through specific themes, i.e., music, transporation, marriage, etc., and specialty cards. We were surprised by the variety of post cards both by their topics and their intricate engineering. For example, some post cards could play a voice recording and others were translucent. My personal favorites? The medical and freaks section (but you already knew that).

As we were heading home for the evening, we came across an artist's studio tucked down a short alley. We discovered Claude Urbani, a sculptor and painter. We bought a small original abstract and after he wrapped our piece of art, he grabbed a piece of paper and quickly drew a cubist face. Viola!

A beautiful sunset from our balcony.

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