Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today's post is by Howard, as you'll quickly figure out as he is writing about me . . . quite humbling, I might add.

For some time I have been considering how to capture the spirit and beauty of Dayna, whether by photo, canvas, sculpture or some other art form. During our first night in Antibes, Dayna pointed out some impressionistic pieces of sculpture in a window at the tourist office. We found the studio of the artist and although it was closed, I was impressed. When we returned the next day, I was considering buying a piece and the artist, Ho Liu, told us that most of his pieces were done by commission. So after a bit, without really telling Dayna, I decided to commission Ho Liu to create a bust of her. We set an appointment for the first of three lengthy sittings. Ho gave it a great effort as did Dayna. She found out that modeling is hard work.

I believe capturing Dayna in any medium would be tough other than a photo, but we talked how an impressionistic piece has the ability to transcend fashions and remain a piece that may better withstand the test of time. Ho worked with exceeding care to get Dayna's sparkling eyes, her wonderful high cheek bones and slender neck. Since it is an impressionist piece there is a lot of interpretation of Dayna by him and even some of which I think he missed, but overall I am very pleased and I am going to put it in my office. Of course if the new Dayna gets on me too much about not working, I may have to put her in the corner, but time will tell.

Here are photos from the first day.

Second sitting, or standing, we should say.

And finally, Thursday morning, the final session.

The completed bust will be ready to pick up on Friday morning. Great. Now we have to go through customs and airport security and try and explain why we have a head in a box.


Bobbie said...

This is fantastic!!!! I brought a goose on time through security...they just do a double look at you and you just have to nod and say Yep, it's a goose! ....or head! haha!!!!

Stampin'Cat said...

That is so amazingly cool and romantic! And a fantastic way to remember your month in France. I am loving your blog posts and can't wait to see how all this effects your art! Enjoy!

Dayna Collins said...

So so so cool! Tell Howard he done good :o) Can't wait to see u (both" you"s)! Destree

You guys are the coolest couple ever! Heidi

You and Howard are so lucky to have each other! I still picture him as my 6 year old playmate. And to read his tribute to you brought tears to my eyes. Rosanne

I love it. Melissa

Beautiful. Ellen

Cool. Sam P.

WOW! Denise

Tory Brokenshire said...

That is one of best memory ideas to bring home that I have heard of, and Howard how very cool of you. I will be thinking of you both in romantic Paris, looking at the tower and eating something wonderful.

Karen D said...

so cool.. now don't you crazy kids go and lose your head ;-)