Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 5: Our French Adventure Continues

One of the reasons we came to the Loire region was to visit a castle (there are over 1,000 in the area!) and that we did yesterday morning. We chose the mother of all castles, Chateau de Chenonceau, which is actually the third most visited chateau in France (after Versailles and Fontainebleau) according to Rick Steves. It is a 16th-century Renaissance palace that is situated along (and over) the Cher River. The cute couple at the end of this series of photos is an Australian couple we met at breakfast at our hotel and they accused us of bringing the rain so they kept trying to get away from us!

After checking out of our hotel, we headed for Amboise, where we spent a portion of the afternoon. We roamed the narrow streets and had lunch along the river.

After leaving Amboise, we had a long drive through the countryside (about four hours of driving). Come along for a bit:

Along our driving route, we came upon a cemetary in Chatillon sur Indre and since I'm gaga for cemetaries (and we needed to stretch our legs), we stopped for a stroll. It was a very old and decrepit cemetary and I resisted the urge to snatch up an arm or leg from the many broken crucifixes (maybe it was the term grave robber that Howard used that prevented any illegal action on my part). I apologize for the many photos, but I can't help it -- my darker art friends will understand and appreciate the montage.

We ate a very late dinner last night, not finishing until about 22:00! (That would be 10 pm.) I had a lovely vegetarian salad with toast and cheese, and Howard, well, Howard is going to have to explain some of his recent eating explorations in another post. For last night, he had raw beef. Enough said . . .

PS When we arrived in Sarlat, where we are staying for two nights, the hotel did not have our reservation (what are we doing wrong?). We managed to find lodging at a beautiful hotel just a few doors down. Here's the entrance:


Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip--such great photos! And, yes, the cemetary ones are some of my favorites. I look forward to the rest of my vicarious journey.

Melissa said...

I love visiting you via your blog everyday. Your pictures are amazing and experiences even better! Love you both! Luke and Gabriella say "hello and they love you too". xoxox

stephanie brockway said...

You were so strong, to resist the broken offerings at the cemetary, darn those pesky laws... hopefully a good antique market soon, Raw meat?, too funny, we need to get you a menu translator soon, can't you ask "rick or Jil"

Anonymous said...

I'm with Steph I would go back to the cemetary at night but then you would have that going to hell thing to deal with. Tory