Thursday, September 30, 2010

Night at the Museum . . .

. . . and morning at Versailles. Yep, it was a twofer kind of day. We spent the morning in the Paris burbs at Versailles, then the late afternoon and evening at the Louvre. But first, a brief glimpse of Versailles.

A teeny tiny bit of whining. While at Versailles, they had pieces of Japanese art sprinkled throughout the castle in different rooms and it seemed horribly out of place! I snapped a couple of photos just so you could get the idea -- some was far worse than this!

On our way to the Louvre, we stopped at Angelina's for a hot chocolate as recommended by my friends Joni and Jenna. I thought, okay, hot chocolate, so what's the big deal. And then I took my first sip. Oh my. Big deal.

After a rest in the afternoon (and our hot chocolate), we decided it was time to visit the Louvre, located only a block from our apartment (and Angelina's is only two blocks away -- evil, evil). The Louvre is open until 9:45 pm on Wednesdays, so we had plenty of time to meander. All I can say is that the Louvre IS all that it is cracked up to be.

And then my new boots. I've just gotta share them.

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Tory Brokenshire said...

COOL BOOTS GIRL!!! Are you just in love with the art.