Monday, September 27, 2010

A Sunday in Paris

Sunday in Paris, music in the subway.

Howard and I started our Sunday morning by visiting two flea markets. One was right around the corner from our apartment, and the other required two subways and a walk, but we felt we had to do it as it is the mother of Paris flea markets: Puces De Saint-Ouen. We knew in advance that it was big (2,000-3,000 vendors) and very expensive, but we wanted to at least have a taste. A taste was all we got - it was big, it was expensive. I bought 10 little perfume bottles for 5 euros.

We loved the modern art museum inside the Pompidou Center and spent several hours there on Sunday afternoon.

The Pompidou had a large and fabulous exhibit of female artists spanning roughly from the 1960s to current. Since my blog is being followed by Mrs. Staly's third grade class, I am not including photos of the videos showing a woman hula hooping in the nude with barbed wire or the nude woman who chopped off the head of a chicken and had it bleed out over her body . . . but you get the idea of what all was covered in this exhibit.

Some of my favorites from the permanent collection . . .

We came out of the Pompidou Center to rain rain rain, so our visit to the Marais neighborhood was brief. But we'll be back.

The Holocaust Memorial (Memorial de la Shoah) in the Marais neighborhood.

We finally walked over the Seine River!


PaintingEachDay said...

Bonjour Dayna and Howard - loving your blog !! Nice to see familiar places ... don't forget to visit the Musée d'Orsay .., my favorite museum in all the world !!! Also, Rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement - and of course the top of 'Tour Eiffel' ... a very sweet street 'Rue Cler' is nearby with a very nice market early in the morning ...

I eagerly look forward to reading your blog ... thanks so much !!!


p.s. did you see Chopin's grave at Pere Lachaise ... beautiful ...

stephanie brockway said...

I hadn't heard about the pompideau,exciting pieces, I want to hear more about that piece howard was posing on. Loving your Parisan adventures, and I hear the paris rain is way sexier then Portland's, lol

Melissa said...

"We liked seeing the guy head in the box...The picture of the whole city was magnificent...It's fun reading your blog...I like the sculpture of you, Dayna...I liked the sculpture of Howard holding the little statue"

One of my students is disappointed that she didn't get to see the chicken blood...btw, thank you for not posting that..hahaha!

Enjoy your last week in France. :)

gl. said...

the piece that has people stand/sit/lie on it is incredible!