Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red Letter Day

Last Saturday was a Red Letter Day. As you may or may not know, I've become quite a fan of Mar Goman. First I saw her Lucy Show at SCRAP, then I got to attend her final studio sale. Well, my partner in crime, Steph, suggested that I contact Mar about doing a private class for some of us Mar groupies. Mar agreed, so Steph and I made up a list of artists to invite, a date was set, and arrangements were made. Saturday was the day. We met at the Jantzen Beach Starbucks . . .

. . . and from there we carpooled to Ridgefield, Washington, where Mar lives. The artists? Steph, Gloria, Me, Tabor, Nikki, Destree, and Tory.

Mar said it was okay if I snapped some photos of her home and studio. Here are a few:

Mar spent the entire day with us where she graciously and generously taught us several of her art techniques, everything from altering paper, making simple stamps, to an easy way of making transfers. Here's some of our day in photos.

And then we wrapped.

When I got home, I wrapped a couple more tools, stained the whole batch, then applied a coating of beeswax. Luscious (and they smell good, too).

PS For those that have been reading my blog or for those who read my blog to learn more about Mar's Story of Lucy show at SCRAP, we discovered the straight jacket from the show tucked in the attic storage room. What a thrill!


Patti said...

If this ever has a "part 2", please include me on your list of Mar Groupies!! I even live in Ridgefield! XX OO

Paula McNamee said...

Sounds like a fun day and I can't wait to see in person what you created and your journal pages. Thanks for sharing.