Friday, July 2, 2010

On Her Little Boat

I had a lovely evening on board Rapture Wednesday night when the Portland Art Collective gathered to eat, drink, and laugh beyond what our cheekbones could bear. I also learned something about this group: they are fantastic cooks! We had the most amazing potluck!

Robin, Cynthia, Lenall, and Jennifer enjoy the upper deck.

A small crowd gathers for some tasty appetizers.

Carrie, Lorraine, and Robin.

Diane and me.

Cynthia plays in her journal.

Cynthia and Lorraine.

Diane, Paula, Cynthia, Carrie, and Suzanne.

Maggie, Steph, and Susan.

Tory's cousin, Les, is a big time Dragon Boat racer and is on two Portland paddling teams. As her paddle boat docked, Tory ran out to meet her and invited her to join us on Rapture. A group of us have been wanting a paddling lesson, so Tory's cousin agreed to be our guide later in August. (We spent a good portion of our evening trying to decide on a name and what outfits to wear . . . stay tuned for more on this PAC adventure).

The gang:

Although gifts were not required, I received some beautiful thank you gifts. From Robin, a lovely little story quilt: On Her Little Boat.

Thank you, Lenall, for my beautiful cards.

Oh boy oh boy, treats! in a lovely little fabric basket made by Suzanne.

Fragrant roses (oh, I miss my rose bushes) from Paula.

And Tory made party favors for our 4th of July celebration!


Robin Olsen said...

Thank you for the fabulous evening Dayna! It will be a treasured memory.

lynne h said...

ooooohhhh! you're the dayna that robin gave her stitched piece to! i just love this piece!

and, i was just at judy w.'s blog and you were there too.... what an abundance of arty goodness... : )