Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally: Believe

My sister is elated because after about eight months of beginning, then pausing, then beginning again, pausing again, leaving on vacation, returning to begin again, only to pause again, the piece of art that my sister commissioned from me months and months ago is finally complete. I've taken photos throughout the process, from the first beginning to the end today, but rather than dredge of the various forms this piece has taken, I'm going begin and end this post with photos taken today. It is done. Believe.

Thanks, Denise, for being so patient. And for wanting a piece of my art to hang in your house.


La Dolce Vita said...

awesome piece Dayna! love the x and all the texture... is it a canvas?

Patti said...

Great piece... worth the wait! LOVE the crows. Lucky sister!