Friday, July 2, 2010

Art Garage With a Side of Pambiche

Talented Portland artist, Nikki Blackwood, occasionally whips together little art gatherings that she calls her Art Garage (they're held in her garage, of course). I've been before and was able to attend again on Thursday. The groups are small and intimate and brimming with talent. For this week's gathering: Tabor Porter, Judy Wise, Stephanie Brockway, Nik, and me. What a treat!

After working about an hour (yes, a whole hour!), we took off on foot for a late lunch and as it turns out, a good part of our art afternoon was spent dining at a restaurant that is a coveted Portland experience: Pambiche. (When I told my daughter where I had eaten lunch, she said "You got to eat at Pambiche!??!") Pambiche serves cuban creole cuisine and was a real treat, as you can probably tell from these photos:

I worked on a couple of journal pages during the time we did do some art - here's a peek at my pages in process.


Amy Stoner said...

Oh My goodness! What a fabulous event AND with the most amazing food. I love Pambiche! Hey, whenever Nicki and you want to do this again....just let me know. I am friends with Judy and I would just about KILL to hang out with y'all and craft/eat!

Judy Wise said...

This is the best ... friends, art and good eats! Here's to the next time. xo

Linda Moran said...

Wow, I want to move to Portland!!! The city looks amazing, and the arts - well, I'm wiping drool off the keyboard!

Stampin'Cat said...

You definitely live the artful life! A Paper Remnant Journal sounds quite cool. I suspect you used some of that fabu new Happy Tape in it. Thank you for sharing some of Sunday afternoon with Alicia and I. It was a beautiful day! And Christy and I found SCRAP. More on that later!

Bobbie said...

My grade school neighborhood....isn't it great?! Many gimp keychains where made in that vacinity!!!!

Nicole said...

Dayna I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you the past few weeks! If I ever want to know where to look for good art in Portland I'll be contacting you!! :) Let me know if some of your stuff is on display here.
Also I'm glad you got to experience Pambiche, isn't the food amazing!?!?