Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art on the Water: A Fabulous 4th of July Celebration

Our 4th of July celebration turned out to be a celebration of the arts and all things creative as our boat was brimming with artists and creative entrepreneurs! We had a couple of stores represented and lots of artistic energy.

Beautiful and fun Sam was the first to arrive (she's making her raved about guacamole dip!).

Here I am with Tree as we survey the arriving guests.

Stewart, Sam, and Tree soak up the music and sun.

Sam brought the floating island that my grandkids enjoyed (it was too cold for any adults to lounge in it and Jackson and Emmett had blue lips by the time they got out).

Carrie, Karen, and Lisa enjoy a quiet chat.

Lisa, of Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem (where I hold a lot of my classes) and Alicia popped in to say hello and enjoy the music.

Nikki (host of the Art Garages I attend in Portland) and her hubby Lee.

Steph and Dave rode in on Dave's Harley.

Kristen and Brandon ham it up.

It seems everyone is hamming it up!

My son Scott and Nick take a jump . . .

. . . and got rewarded by Arlene.

A whole dollar per jump!

Harry, Sheryl, and Jill made the trip from Salem.

Tabor and Greg enjoy the upper deck (Tabor and Greg both have art shows this month -- a couples show at Launch Pad Gallery and Greg has a show at Beet Gallery -- check them out!)

Nik, me, Lee, and Tabor strike a pose.

Tory was never far from her camera and she captured a ton of great photos. Go check out her blog for a whole montage of her 4th of July photos.

Tony and Brian were the chefs for our day - they brought 40 pounds of BBQed ribs, dozens of BBQed chicken breasts, potato and macaroni salads, silverware wrapped in napkins, and they even brought a dozen fake chicken breasts for those of us who are vegetarians!

Scott with his buddy Joel (future brother-in-law) and with his future in-laws Rob and Cathy (we missed you Becca!).

Here I am with a couple of my creative girlfriends, Susan and Jill.

Here is the arty farty bunch! I've already identified Greg, Tabor, Nik, Lee, and Tory, but this photo also includes Diane and her husband Brian.

As dusk approached, the barge carrying the fireworks was brought in and everyone settled in and prepared for the show.

This cute couple is Gretchin and Sven of Scarlet Star Studios. Gretchin brought the day-glo necklaces and Sven brought homemade popovers!

Tory had her super duper camera set up and ready to take the night shots of the fireworks and graciously allowed me to share some of her awesome photos.

An added bonus. Tory took this series of shots of my son Scott jumping from the top deck of Rapture.

What a day! We had 68 people on and off the boat throughout the day and about 55 stuck around to watch the fireworks.


Tory Brokenshire said...

Dayna you and Howard put on one heck of a party,thanks for including me.

Bobbie said...

Looks like you all had a BLASTFULLY full time of fun-ness!!!!

gl. said...

better late than never: thanks again for hosting us, dayna! and that's a super-cute picture you took of sven & me!