Monday, July 19, 2010

NW String Summit: Welcome to Wacky!

I'm just back from three nights at Northwest String Summit. Whewee, what a fun weekend. Our daughter, Amy, and her family have attended this northwest bluegrass festival for years and every year they have encouraged us to attend. Last year we finally did, but only for one night. We enjoyed the festival so much, that we decided to go for the entire time this year. It is held at Hornings Hideout in North Plains, just a short drive west of Portland. The atmosphere of the festival is laid back and relaxed - music goes until 1:30 in the morning (no neighbors to complain). Camping is rustic -- outhouses, no fires, tote in your water. There is a family camping area for those with kids, an adult area, even a big field for RVs. I've taken a lot of photos, so let's get started.

Here we are waiting in line to get in (gates opened at 4:00 pm on Thursday). My son-in-law, Mike, arrived by 10:30 am and waited in line all day. Amy rode her bike out (over 50 miles!) from Portland, arriving about the time we did in the afternoon.

First morning.

Summit time around the grounds.

Morning time (yes, those are fresh peach pancakes). Mike and Amy camp every year with Rob and Lisa, so those are the other adults in the photos (and their daughter Miranda and son Zeb).

Rob takes the kids (and himself) for some wagon rides through the fields (and around the parked cars!).

Emmett hooping with Miranda (she's a pro).

A day in the life of String Summit. Really.

We ran into some friends, Ian and Linnea Balmer, who make wearable art and beautiful glass jewelry. Howard bought a pair of their fabulous patchwork corduroy shorts. Check out their website, Hummblebee.

We had reserved three paddle boats for a 3:30 water fight. Success! And boy were we all soaked - every inch of us was wet.

One of several albino peacocks on the property, plus one of the colorful ones. There are a couple dozen peacocks roaming the grounds. Have you ever heard the noise they make? It sounds sorta like a yowling cat in heat and they like to do their yowling in the early morning hours (click here if you want to hear the sound).

Afternoon concert fun - Howard still wearing his wet shorts!

So many great meals. Mike and Amy fixed a great veggie bowl -- and Howard and I had clean up duty. Gladly.

Rob and Mike.

Fans fill the bowl listening to the Rhythm Devils (who have a link with the Grateful Dead) and waiting for the Yonder Mountain String Band to begin. I was only able to capture a few photos of the fabulous costumes and outfits people were wearing -- it was getting dark!

We really did eat well. Our final meal was a tofu scramble breakfast burrito prepared by Lisa and Rob.

And while they were cookin' up a storm? I was hoopin' in my jams.

Until next year.


Destree said...

Wow! Looks like you all had a blast. What a great time...

lynda Howells said...

What amazing looking place and the people..just your sort of place..glad you had funxlynda

Tory Brokenshire said...

Holy Smokes what fun it looks like. I enjoyed all the photos.

Anonymous said...

Well we were there for the nutty, fun time, but your pictures and layout capture the moments well! It is a fantastical place and when documented like that it makes me feel wacky for feeling so at-home when there! We loved that you were there the whole weekend with us, I hope you come every year!