Sunday, July 11, 2010

And the rest of the story . . .

I've documented my three weeks at the Portland Waterfront in several posts, most focusing on specific events or activities. I'll be doing a separate post for the 4th of July, but thought I would wrap up my vacation with a final post showcasing some of the highlights of the last week and a half leading up to the 4th and right after. Here goes . . .

On a random weekday afternoon, I heard an "Excuse me, excuse me" coming from the dock. It was a bride wanting to know if she could come aboard with her groom and their photographer for some photos. Of course!

Josh, a friend and co-owner of the sailboat The Clubhouse, came up with the brilliant idea of holding the first annual Blues Fest BBQ and Putt-off. All of the boaters tied up at the dock jumped on board (pun intended) and plans were made. The event was held on a Saturday night and the dock quickly filled with about 50 people. Josh delivered a chunk of astro turf to each of the five boats on the dock and each boat owner was responsible for designing a putting course. Trophies were handed out at the end of the evening for BBQ King, Best Putter and the Worst Putter - but because everyone is a winner, medals of participation were handed out as well.

During our time at the waterfront, we hosted a little mini Madison High School (class of 1971 - Yikes Almighty! I'm old . . .) reunion!

Some random images of my downtown life, including a boater using the hotel valet to cart stuff to his boat, my sister and brother-in-law, a seaplane landed and tied up to have lunch at the Newport Grill, riding the tram to OHSU with my daughter Amy and grandkids Jackson and Emmett, shots of the waterfront and the early crowds at the Blues Fest, inside the Blues Fest, my grandkids getting busted, local artists painting en plein aire, and a dingy of dingies.

On Tuesday, July 6th, it was finally time to head for home. Josh, who works downtown, captured this awesome shot of us pulling away from the dock and heading up river.

Because we weren't quite ready to return to our moorage and it was finally a sunny, warm day, we headed toward Oregon City for a mini cruise before heading back to reality. One of the houses we saw along the Willamette River was this one. Anyone know who lives here?

We got to cruise past Pam and Buzzy's beautiful waterfront home (Pam graduated with us from Madison HS and was at our mini reunion on Rapture).

Enough dawdling. Time to go home.


Tory Brokenshire said...

I love seeing all the photos thanks for putting them up.

gl. said...

i don't know who lives in that house now, but when we took the jetboat tour last summer they talked about it. i think they said it used to be a water treatment building and had to be sold to a buyer who would renovate it as a historically important building.