Monday, July 19, 2010

Let 'er Rip

Howard and I recently spent a delightful weekend in Bend, Oregon. Howard had a touch of business to attend to, but the rest of the time we roamed and rested. I, of course, had my trusty camera charged up and record to record. I loved this arted up mannequin I found in a little downtown boutique, Hot Box Betty.

We had some great meals. This one from Marz Bistro, a restaurant located right in the heart of downtown.

One of the vendors at Bend's SummerFest was Greg Congleton. His sculptures using rusted found objects were amazing (and HUGE).

If you're ever in Bend, it is worth the short walk (or drive) to the outskirts of downtown Bend to visit Iron Horse. Nice antiques and found objects (note the great piece Howard found for my Studio Fence Project).

We got some great iced coffees at Thump, a newish coffee shop. Besides making delicious iced toddys (a cold brew process), they had a hanging art installation, Wish Planks, the brainchild of artist Mark Bernahl.

Howard enjoying a root beer snow cone.

Best comment of the weekend. I was walking through the booths at SummerFest and one of the vendors, an older guy, looked at me and said: I like your hair - it looks like you just let 'er rip! Indeed I did!

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lynda Howells said...

l too love your hair! I am so jealous l am not near this place..all that brillent "stuff"!Hax lynda