Friday, October 30, 2009

Two x Two

In addition to my usual ebb and flow of art projects, I have large four projects I'm currently working on. Two pieces are commissions and two are for upcoming shows. The two annual shows, Black, White and Grey at the Keizer Art Association is slated for November and in December is the Artists in Action Something Red show. Here I am taking advantage of a break in the weather to do some sanding on my limestone clay boards.

Then inside to begin the work.

You can probably figure out which piece goes with which show!

Much more to do, but I'm done for the day.


Kim said...

These are shaping up well, Dayna. Love the high contrast with B&W and the shading your putting into this one, and I just love hot oranges and reds, my favs! Can't wait to see how they end up!

Paula McNamee said...

Dayna, Wow- I like how you lay out and mix all of your paints for a project. The colorful painting with the bright reds & yellows really stands out and this is just the beginning. I'm glad that I got to meet you at Menucha and hope to see you again.

Deirdra Doan said...

I have been following all your busy art adventures. Your art is flowing so beautifully. Blessings on your colorful artistic career!

Thanks for you comments. I am growing in self discovery. My artistic work and artistic society being a path to this unfolding.

gl. said...

i just wanted to say safety boy sven would be so proud of you for wearing a mask. :)