Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art and Soul: Thursday Alterations

What a cool idea for a class. Lesley Venable, a new teacher for me, came up with the idea to alter a band-aid tin! The name of the class is The Treasure Within - Altered Tin. After futzing with our tin, we filled them with mini collages on little samples of formica. I realized once I started doing my collages that they were all women, except for one house. I do believe I've created a brothel. Stay tuned for where I go with my Treasure Within. Here's what I got accomplished on Thursday:

What I learned: An easy method to make transfers using clear Contact paper, oh, and how to use a blow torch.


Destree said...

Love-love this one! And yes, Lesley does look like she could be Sam's sister!

Bobbie said...

Did you do the writing on the container....way cool!!