Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Everything is Illuminated

Last week I rode along with Howard as he made his way to Dallas, Oregon. Dallas is located a few miles west of Salem and has a cute little downtown. One of the stores I spied, the Polka Dots Thrift Store, never opened while I was in town, so I just may have to revisit Dallas in the future to check it out.

I had been wanting to visit a large thrift store I had heard about for quite some time from several different friends. Opportunity knocked, and I answered. The thrift store, H-2-O, stands for Help and Hope to Others, and is located at 451 S.E. Maple Street. The store was huge and spread out over two floors.

I didn't really find too much as I poked around, until I meandered into a back corner on the second floor. And there they were. Two crib-size metal springs. I had been looking for just such an item (and here were TWO) . . . .

. . . to hang on a wall! I took the springs home and sprayed the square shaped spring with black Rust-o-leum (the wavy spring will be painted red and hung outside on my Crazy Fence, but that's another story and another post).

I installed the metal bulletin board yesterday and hung a few items to get the momentum going. If you've seen the movie Everything is Illuminated, you'll know where some of my inspiration was born for this idea (the guy in the movie hangs baggies of stuff all over his walls).

I'll occasionally post photos of my wonderful metal bulletin board as it gets adorned with fabulous artistic junk and items of inspiration!


La Dolce Vita said...

briliant repurpose!

Destree said...

Loves it! And I need to take a lunch break at H2O since I work only a hop skip and a jump it worth a lunch?