Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ScRapYarD DoG

The quarterly garage sale, Scrapyard, was held at Scrapbook Fever in Salem on Saturday morning.

I figured if I was going to brave the crowds, something I do not enjoy doing, I was going to get to the store early. I picked up a breakfast burrito and arrived to discover that I was the very first one there. I felt very accomplished and pleased that I would be the first one to swoop through the doors when they opened at 10:00 a.m.

It was worth the wait. I came home with two bulging bags of goodies!

If you happen to be taking my Bountiful Blocks class at Stampin' Cat Studio on November 7th, you'll be the recipient of a lot of my bounty!


Destree said...

fun fun! That's a lot of Booty (originally I thought that's what you said: Booty...but then I realized that you wrote 'Bounty'....

Bobbie said...

And I am VERY much looking forward to being one of the recipient's!! I just love all of your tid's and tad's!!!!