Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Tweet-Wild Wild: Around the Block #4

The Around the Block swap is nearing the end, with only one more round of swapping to be done. As you can imagine, the blocks are getting full of arted up goodness. In the latest round, the blocks had art from three artists.

First, Santa Torres (these are her blocks):

Then a view of what Carolyn Abramofsky of Illinois did:

Susi Trenery used some fun checkerboard patterns on all three of the sides she did.

And finally, my contributions:

The blocks have been sent on to Sarah Fishburn for the final round of art-making! And there have been rumblings of a new block swap at the first of the year and all I have to say about that is: S I G N M E U P!


Destree said...

I wanna play too!!!

Dayna Collins said...

I'll let you know when and how to sign up! Would love to have you be part of the fun -- we could work on our blocks together at the studio (and I heard a rumor we will be doing five blocks at a time for the next round).

Shelly said...

These are fantastic !! You are as artfully busy as ever.

Hallo! said...

Wonderful!!! I really love your blocks.... :o)
Unfortunately.....Germany is too far away to play with you....but I´ll try some blocks here for myself next time....and maybe....find some players around here... :o))

hugs Sabine

Bobbie said...

These all look just ultra magnifico!!!! I'm super excited for your class coming up soon!!