Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art and Soul: Heart Art

Saturday found me spending the day with Lisa Kaus, a familiar face, teacher, and artist. Lisa's class, Be Still My Beating Heart, combined all of the mediums I dearly love: found objects, painting, collage, and wax. Yum yum. And it was one of the only pieces of art that I got very close to completion (all it needs is a glass base, which will be added very soon).

What I learned: 6B and 8B Creta color graphite pencils are very cool to work with!


Destree said...

A very fun piece....would you show me how to make the 'squared' look?

vicki said...

thankyou for the great info... the creta pencils. i'll be going down to dots and doodles to check them out. love the box!

Bobbie said...

This ONE is my favorite from your week or year!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Everything about it is just ultra! Are you teaching a class in this? hmmmm?!?!