Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Again

I joined an art swap back in August and this week it came to an end (those are my finished blocks sitting atop the angel's head in the above photo - their new perch). The swap was hosted by Susie LaFond and called Around the Block. The swap involved arting up wooden blocks of any shape, then sending them on to four other participants. You can read the details about the swap in my original post by clicking here or by doing a search on my blog for Around the Block to see what all I did to the other artist's blocks. It was so much fun getting to see what the four artists did to jazz up my cubes. Here is what I did to my three blocks before I sent them whirling around the United States (the front sides are mine):

And here is what the other ladies did (no one signed their sides of the blocks, so I don't know for sure if I've matched up the appropriate sides, but in looking at styles, this is my best guest. And if I didn't get it just right? That's okay, too, all of their work is beautiful and individual).

I hear rumors that another swap will take place after the first of the year and you can be sure I'll be joining in again.

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Destree said...

Those are great. Lovely colors and great images. I wanna go 'round the block too!