Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recovering a Sense of Integrity: The Artist's Way Week Four

Last night was an emotional night for the ladies, which sometimes happens when exploring our lives more deeply. Our creative activity was drawing a Life Map, an activity I first experienced with my Artist's Way mentor, Gretchin Lair of Scarlet Star Studios. Along with Gretchin's process, I also share examples from a book entitled You Are Here: Personal Geographies. The work the ladies produced was far too personal to include photos on my blog, but their energy and honesty was amazing. To create their maps, they experimented with water soluble wax crayons and watercolor pencils; with both, you draw, then apply water with a brush and presto! you have a watercolor.

One of the things I have the ladies do each week is take something from the centerpiece. I encourage the women to create an altar space at home made up of the pieces they take each week from our session. So far they have taken a pretty rock, a rusty bottle cap and word dice, a dream card, and now a piece of vintage jewelry. Their Artist's Way altars are growing.

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