Saturday, October 13, 2012

Travel Post #6: Inside the Ship's Kitchen

We had an opportunity to go on a tour of the ship's main kitchen, a kitchen that prepares and serves about 11,000 meals a day. A DAY!

A few fun selected factoids about the WEEKLY food consumption on board:

Meat and meat products - 11,830 pounds
Fresh vegetables - 137,500 pounds
Ice cream - 300 gallons
Eggs - 23,040
Assorted wines - 1,636 bottles

And finally, the executive chef, Marcus, (who we sat next to at lunch in Athens) greets Howard:


stephanie brockway said...

Glad they have lots of veggies to nourish you, I hear you can gain 10 lbs on a cruise, but its for a good cause!

Suzie said...

Hey Dayna, what a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday! It looks really happy! Life is good