Saturday, October 13, 2012

Travel Post #5: Exotic Istanbul (Part II)

We were up bright and early on Thursday, ready to explore Istanbul on foot. First stop was the Blue Mosque (actually the Sultanahmet Mosque).

Next stop, the Topkapi Palace. My favorite part was visiting the Harem.

After lunch at an Ottoman Hotel, we were off to the Hagia Sophia (Saint Sophia).

We were invited to watch a Turkish carpet demonstration, where this woman was working on a 2x3 silk rug, tying 250-300 knots per square inch. The woman working on the rug works on it for 15 minutes then must rest for 45 minutes due to the strength of the silk (and the damage it can do to her fingers), which means it will take her approximately nine months to complete this rug.

We completed our day in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar where you could buy everything from souvenirs, saffron, or MAC eyeshadow!

Istanbul is exotic, exciting, and beautiful. A few parting shots.


Robin Olsen said...

Your photos are an absolute feast for the eyes! What a splendid little outing you are having!!

Melissa Collins said...

Mom, Thank you so much for your third graders loved hearing from you guys!!!

Turkey looks so cool, and were there a lot of people crowding the palace? Aaliyah
You are amazing! Samantha
Are the buildings big? Ayden
How did they make the rugs? Joe
Was it cool at the underground mosque? It looked cool. Kristina
How long have you been there? Elijah
How many days are you on the boat? Shaden
Is Turkey a good place to visit? Mahogany

Love you guys!! I can't wait to see you when you get home!!

Tory Brokenshire said...

You must be overwhelmed by now. The beauty is undescribeable.