Saturday, October 20, 2012

Travel Post #12: Lest We Forget - Dubrovnik, Croatia

We spent a lovely day in Dubrovnik, Croatia, inside the city walls. Hell, we even walked on top of the city walls for some stunning views and a peek down in the city. After walking above, we went into the old city for a cappucino and some lunch.

We returned to the ship in time for a beautiful sunset and to dine in our favorite restaurant, The Tamarind. (They even made a special vegetarian sushi roll for me.)


Lynn Cohen said...

Wow, what a trip you just took me on...awesome photos of it all. Moved by the " lest we forget" sign.
Came today from Seth's blog ... Wondering about limestone clay as we just recently dug for fossils in limestone rock and wonder what the sameness or difference is. The colors of your piece sing to me. Such a lovely medium and must be fun to work in. Wonderful results!

stephanie brockway said...

Croatia we hardly knew thee, loving these shots. You must feel so transported back in time walking through those ancient streets.

Melissa Collins said...

Do you like the food there? Jacob
What were you doing in the jail? Madeline and Ayden
Did you see any dolphins? Mahogany
Are you scared at night? Mazy
Do you have electricity on the boat? William

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RIAZ UDDIN said...

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