Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travel Post #14: Sicily, Italy - Vibrant and Gritty

We had the privilege to spend Wednesday on the Italian island of Sicily. First we took a one-hour ride to Taormina, visiting a Greco-Roman theatre and roaming the old city streets.

After returning from Taomina, we spent time in the port city of Catania.

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Melissa Collins said...

How many trips do you have left, and how many days until you get back? Jai
Did you like seeing the aquaducts? Ayden and Samantha
Did you go to any aquariums? William
Have you seen any castles? Jacob
Are there any horse in Italy? Mahogany
Have you seen any fish in the water while on the boat? EJ
Are there cops there? Elijah
What is the time difference? Caleb
Have you made any friends? Mazy

Love and miss you both!! Melissa