Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Spiderman

I've been invited to participate in a round robin altered book exchange. I've hosted a couple of these, so it is fun to be a participant and not an organizer this time around. There are six of us who are playing and all we had to do was find a children's board book with at least five two-page spreads, sand the glossy pages, prime, and art up the outside covers. Viola! I put my prepared book in the mail yesterday where it will wing it's way to Milwaukie, Wisconsin. Did I mention that this round robin is a national one!! Thanks, Destree, for spearheading this energizing and fun swap.

Which book to use? So many shapes, so many sizes.

I decided upon a smallish one, but I liked the tabs that run along the sides. Sand sand sand.

Prime prime prime.

Some paint, a couple of images, a title, and some words.


stephanie brockway said...

I know that picture on your page "do what you want" it's up in my studio!

lynda Howells said...

If you hear of something like this again..can you yell please. Would love to do something l;ike this in a swapxxlynda