Saturday, February 5, 2011

Collage Garage

Nikki Blackwood, a Portland artist, has gathered together a rag tag group of her art friends for a monthly gathering at the art store collage on Alberta. Last week was our appointed art date. The numbers vary each month depending upon who is available to make it and who isn't, but the great thing is that we just get together and work on whatever we want. I felt like painting last week, so I brought my Fearless Faces atlas journal and just painted my little heart out.

One of the highlights of our monthly meeting, is the stuff that Tabor brings to sell. He is a collector extraordinaire, so his stuff is really good, and we all started our day by doing a bit of shopping.

Tory brought some vintage tops that she offered for sale (and in Steph's case, for experimentation . . . . do you get my point?).

We finally settled down and started to do some art.

It got to be lunchtime, but no one wanted to break long enough to go out to eat. Who should walk in the door about the time our tummies were growling? The tamale lady. A collective cheer went up as we all ordered bags of perfectly made tamales!


stephanie brockway said...

Love tamale lady... "you will buy my tamles and like them" and those pointy boobs are swweeeet.!

lynda Howells said...

Some how l have to work out how to come and live ner you.xx l am sooooo jealous of your amazing Art friend networkxxalso miss your smilexxlynda