Monday, February 14, 2011

Dreaming of Sand Between My Toes

Hawaii. That's where I'm heading early Tuesday morning. Four nights on Maui, then a puddle hopper over to Kauai for ten nights, which all adds up to 14 glorious days in Paradise. Packing is light: a couple pair of flip flops, sunglasses, a few sundresses, suntan oil (I mean, sunblock . . .), snorkel and fins, toiletries, and, of course, bathing suits!

Art supplies were the first thing I packed for the trip.

I also needed a technique book to use as inspiration for my little artful travel journal.

Next I packed books for reading by the pool or on the beach.

One of my biggest decisions was deciding which new art book I wanted to take. I've gotten several in the past few weeks, so it was a difficult decision . . . .

. . . and the winner is:

And nothing like a pedicure to get ready for a tropical vacation.



Tory Brokenshire said...

Have a great time! I will look forward to your posts about life in paradise and I will be telling you about the rain.

lynda Howells said... pleasexxxoh and it is raining here..sometimes l wonder why l stopped travelling the world and settled UK?!!!Hax