Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coco Palms: Crumbling

Coco Palms. We were first intrigued by the Coco Palms when we visited Kauai for the first time a little over a year ago. I remember looking through the Cyclone fence wishing I could get a peek inside. Well, this week we got a peek inside! But first, a bit of history taken from the Coco Palms website:

The Coco Palms was the oldest hotel on the Garden Isle of Kaua`i, and was the world's most famous Polynesian resort. Elvis Presley filmed the finale of his film "Blue Hawaii" there in 1961, immortalizing its lush coconut groves and picturesque lagoons.

When Hurricane Iniki struck in September 1992, the Coco Palms was shut down indefinitely as repairs proved too costly and the entire island struggled with recession. The property, located on the southeast shore of Kaua`i, has been left to decay now for over a decade.

In honor of being on Kauai and the possibility of having a tour of the Coco Palms, we rented Blue Hawaii and watched it a couple of nights before our visit to the famous hotel.

The tour lasted two hours and our guide, Bob, not only shared the history of the Coco Palms, but also lots of interesting tidbits about the many movies that had been filmed on the property, most recently the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. Take a stroll through my photos of the Coco Palms, sorta frozen in time and disintegrating before our eyes.

There is hope that some day the Coco Palms will rise again and Bob shared some proposed plans with us.


lynda Howells said...

what a beautiful place and hope it does get re-built soon. But l guess it would cost a lot to get it back to it's original state? Fingers crossed it will happen one day .xx Glad you are having a great holidayxlynda

stephanie brockway said...

You get a photo award, great shots of the decay versus nature taking back the landscape, did you tuck a seashell sink under your shirt for me?? Love the shot of Howard behind the no trespassing, your partner in crime