Monday, February 7, 2011

My Stuff

In my last post, Junk Salvation, I promised to share the treasures from my day of junking. One of my favorite finds was a collapsible metal shopping cart. Steph bought one at the last Expo in Portland (out of desperate necessity), and although she graciously shares it when we junk together, I wanted (needed?) one of my own. I'll probably give my rusty cart a nice sturdy name like Betsy or Martha. Of course, Steph and I plan to trick out our carts with ribbons and flowers, maybe a horn, for the upcoming Expo in March.

Here is my take for the day. Not only from Junk Salvation, but also from an antique mall in Hillsboro, Salvage Works in Kenton, and the Rebuilding Center in Portland, all of which equals a grand and glorious pile of stuff.


Curious Works said...

always fun to see treasures...makes me miss the bins!

lynda Howells said...

jealous or whatx what an amazing day you must have hadxx

donna said...

oooooh! I soooo need all that stuff. (grin)