Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't Ask, Won't Tell

Thursday was my monthly junking afternoon with two Portland Art Collective sisters, Steph and Tory. It's a standing engagement and we're always trying to figure out different places to visit. We received a big tip for a potential place (more on that later), so off we went, leaving Portland in our dust.

We gave ourselves explicit instructions: keep an eye out for antique, junk, or thrift shops. It wasn't too long before we spied a sign advertising a thrift store and a low income bread store. We pulled up and two guys were just locking the door. Steph asked if they were closed and they replied that they close at 2:00. Steph asked if there was any possibility that we could just peek in the window. The guys looked at her like she was nuts, especially since there was only a small window way up high (we would have had to hoist each other up). We all finally realized we were talking about two different things! The men were telling us the bread store closed at 2:00 and we were inquiring about the thrift store, which happened to be in a different building and around the corner! Whew, glad we got that cleared up. To read Tory's account of this, click here.

Okay, back to the shop that we learned about through a very hot, but secret, tip. It is WAY out of town, actually way out of several towns. Everything was for sale, nothing was priced, but oh baby, it was worth the drive and the visit.

We made several other stops along the way, one second hand store had a delicious bin of old knobs!

I left the house for the Portland Art Collective meeting at 8:45 a.m. and after attending the meeting, having lunch with the PAC ladies, then junking the afternoon away, I didn't get back home until 8:45 p.m. What a day!


lynda Howells said...

I must stop being jealous but some how l don't expect l will ever manage that!Hax Great to see you all having so much fun. Love to allxxlynda

stephanie brockway said...

"please sir. weve come so far, we just want to see what we missed" !!! girl can never have enough bread crumbs! hey someone give that blond a comb and tease the back of that hairdo.
I think we need to become pickers and explore old barns!