Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quirky Finds

A cute little shop has opened in South Salem, Quirky Finds. The owner, Jami Wager, doesn't like having her picture taken, but consented to letting me photograph her hands.

I snapped a series of vignettes in the store. Walk with me.

My friend Jami (a different Jami from the owner) and her booth. It's a small space, but was packed with goodness (she always has the best vintage children's books, which have such wonderful text and words). And she had a beautiful old wooden suitcase from Greece.

The wooden suitcase is now mine.


lynda Howells said...

What an amazing place. Love the image of you in the mirror..berautiful as ever l seex lucky find the suitcase. I have just bought a small child's suitcase...used to be a toy medical case. V ery olkd and l think l will be turning it into a book of some kind. What ideas do you have for your larger case?xlynda
ps..isn't life exciting?x

Curious Works said...

you always post the funnest shops...i'll have to make a list for my next trip to OR :) Cool wood suitcase

Karen said...

what a cute shop, looks like you had fun.