Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Bad Mother

The Orange Dream Monkeys, my visual journaling group, met last night to explore our May theme: Olive Mother Peace. That was a tough one and only a couple of us actually used the theme as a launch pad for pages. I was in charge of food (and gifts) for last night. Here's the spread I put together and the gifts I made for everyone (the gift was a marigold in a colorful little pot).

I experimented with drawing a face using my non-dominant hand. I didn't venture into facial features, will probably opt for something a little more bizarre!

Shelby was quite prolific since our last meeting and last night she completed a couple more pages AND she came to the end of her current journal.

Bobbie completed a couple of pages and got a great start on a little housing village.

These are the pages Destree worked on last night:

Some of my pages - in process, of course.

Our theme for September: Earthy Turquoise Spider. I just may have to get started on that one early!

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