Monday, May 17, 2010

The Queen of Fantastic Stuff

I have crowned Sam of Lil' Gypsy the Queen of Fantastic Stuff because she is always on the prowl for her fantastic store, her e-bay store, and for the little people (like me). Destree happened to be at my studio when I unpacked my LARGE tub of goodies, so we had fun sorting together!

Post Script . . . when I arrived at the studio today, there was a big box on my work table with a note from Destree: "Box-O-Crap #2 from Sam!! I'm acting as the mule."

Oh. My. Gosh. It was a box of ribbons, threads, lace, and a few other odds and ends, some related to sewing, some not. I'm still in shock!


steph b said...

ooouuuu I W-A-N-T that turtle shell! we need to do a super deluxe art swap some time!

Kindle said...

I can see why she is the queen of fantastic stuff. That store is full of many wonderful much to discover.

Bobbie said...

Boxes of Post O's!!!!