Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange Friends: Preparing for the Show

And so our months of work came to fruition on Saturday morning when Destree, Howard, and myself met up at Venti's Cafe to hang our show, Strange Voices From the Abyss. Howard risked his life climbing on top of empty kegs and perching a ladder over a deep stairwell to get our large pieces hung on the wall.

But he got the big pieces hung and they looked fabulous on the tall, brick wall.

Our wall of Littles - 8x8s.

Hanging. And resting.

Our four big pieces. First up, Fearless: Dayna's Self-Portrait.

Big Yellow

You Know What You Want

Transparent: Destree's Self-Portrait

Howard, our hanger extraordinaire, rests after his busy morning.

Next up? A post about the show.

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