Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Faith

Tuesday night was the last meeting of my most recent Artist's Way Creative Cluster. Our group has shrank in size since we began ten weeks ago, but the women who remained were enthusiastic and open to the process up until the very end. The last evening is always a bittersweet time and Tuesday was no exception.

Midway through our evening we gathered around the kitchen table and shared a bowl of Stone Soup and a loaf of Dave's Killer Peace Bomb bread.

A ritual for all of my Artist's Way Creative Clusters is the presentation of an Omega Project. This is a project that each woman makes and shares on our final evening. It can be something in response to one of our chapters, an art form they wanted to pursue in more depth, or just something fun and creative. Their three projects were fabulous!

Angela transformed a plain, black journal into a luscious work of art using a photocopy of an encaustic painting of herself done by her friend and Portland artist, Kelly Williams. (I tried to keep the journal, showing Angela how perfect it was on my wooden easel . . . it didn't work.)

Joanne had fun over the past several weeks designing and making three personalized books using the on-line bookmaking site, Blurb. For her Omega project, she completed a book about her grandson, Jack.

Beth took several of her travel and nature photographs and made them into a beautiful array of cards (and we all got to pick out our favorites to keep!).

My gift to the ladies was an Itty Bitty canvas for them to do a small piece of art and enter it in an art exhibit at our local art store, the Art Department. I also gave each of them a teeny Lingam rock, a small version of what we passed each week as our speaking stone.


La Dolce Vita said...

you do this much the same way I did when I facilitated the artist way groups. we had a communal dinner that we all cooked and shared and yes they do shrink, it is such a big commitment! looks like a lovely group and your presents were so thoughtful!

Treebelly said...

Oooh, thanks for putting my onto Blurb! The possibilities are endless! I might enter a teeny tiny little canvas at the Art Dept. too. Great post, thanks!