Monday, May 10, 2010

The Artist's Way: Discovering a Sense of Compassion

Well, my Artist's Way group has dwindled down once again. One of the ladies had to quit due to personal reasons, so that leaves three women in the group - and one of them had company from out of the country, so even she wasn't able to make it last Tuesday night. However, it is amazing how intimate a small group is and the two women who attended last week were able to share a little longer and a little deeper as a result of the small number. After our sharing time, they jumped into our creative project for the night: creating a Dream Stick, also known as a Spirit Stick. They were each given a special stick and turned loose with oodles of fibers, charms, bells, beads, wire, and a whole container of my costume jewelry to embellish their stick. It was an amazing process to watch.

Their finished Dream Sticks:

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